Road Trip – Villa Estrella and the Village Store

In the 1980’s my brother Richard worked in a car sales garage in Rugby for a man called Gordon Pitcher who owned a villa on the Algarve in Portugal that he used to rent out for holiday lets and, as the property was in rather a remote location, included in the deal was the use of a car for getting about.

Gordon was a businessman who didn’t like unnecessary expenditure so as the car was UK registered he had to remove it from Portugal by a certain time each year so that he didn’t have to pay local vehicle tax and insurance.

Late in 1986 he asked Richard if he would do the job for him in return for a few days rent free holiday at the villa and Richard agreed so long as he could take his pals along to help with the long drive back.  So in October we made the arrangements and one Monday in November Richard, myself and our two friends Anthony and Tony flew from East Midlands Airport on a cold wet morning and arrived two hours later in the sunshine at Faro.

It was about twenty miles to the villa so we found a taxi, negotiated a price and set off.  Unfortunately the taxi driver wasn’t fully familiar with this particular part of the Algarve and he didn’t find Richard’s hand drawn location map especially helpful either so there was some confusion about locating the destination, which he only found at about the third or fourth attempt.

This was understandable because Villa Estrella was set back off the road with an entrance that was hard to spot and after that there was a short dusty track that led up past the swimming pool and around the back of the property to the car park and the entrance.  And that was when we first saw the car that it was our responsibility to get back to the UK.

A  mixture of shock and panic set in when we realised that this was a ten year old automatic Ford Escort, which, it has to be said was not altogether in the best shape and with its best performance motoring years a long way in the past.

Under the streaks of grime and dust it was a curious lime green sort of colour that was badly faded by the hot Iberian sun and with various minor dents and scratches and missing wheel trims that made the poor thing look rather sad and forlorn and quite frankly a more suitable candidate for a trip to the scrap yard than a demanding two thousand kilometre journey all the way back to the United Kingdom!

Thankfully the villa was in much better shape than the car and inside there were comfortable furnishings, a well-equipped kitchen and a sunny balcony overlooking the garden and the pool and a fragrant orange grove next door.  It was a neat whitewashed house with a red tiled roof and brown shuttered windows and set in a slightly neglected garden with wild geraniums.  We selected our rooms, changed into holiday mood, settled in and then all agreed that we needed alcohol supplies so we locked up and walked down the track and down the road a short way to the village shop that we had passed three times on the way in.

This was one of those fabulous old-fashioned shops that you used to find all over Southern Europe but sadly rarely exist any more due to the relentless march of the supermarkets that has swept them all away.  I have never been back but I expect this little shop will be long gone and is now a Spar or a Pingo Doce.

In fact we wouldn’t have known that this was a shop at all except for a tatty blue canopy advertising Portuguese Sumol soft drinks and a reference to Mercado Braz A Taverna that was flapping over a single door that gave access to the mini-market.

Inside it was dark and gloomy and we all needed a moment or two to let the eyes adjust to the light.  The place was chaotic and everything was piled on the shelves in a completely sort of mad way that made shopping a very random experience indeed.  Vegetables, washing powders, dairy products, dried meats all thrown together in a most confusing manner that made it difficult to find the things we were looking for which to be honest was mostly beer!

32 responses to “Road Trip – Villa Estrella and the Village Store

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  2. That car looks very, very small for four men!


  3. The best type of holiday, I am sure. Tomorrow the voyage back in detail please!


  4. Richard Petcher

    Brilliant, I remember it as if it was only yesterday. I still have nightmares remembering the journey home.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Ha ha. Can’t wait to hear about the journey home. I expect there might be some interesting moments? 🙂


  6. Andrew the shop sounds like some you still find, but moreso 50 or more years ago, in small rural towns on the prairies in Canada. Like going on some store wide scavenger hunt!


  7. Again, not my favourite area, but you can still find a few shops like that in the villages. 🙂


  8. Just settled down with a nice cup of tea to catch up on blog reading Andrew – very enjoyable post loved all those old little shops you used to find dotted round Europe (never been to Portugal but there were always some in little French villages from what I can remember!). We used to have Ford Escort Estate cars when I was growing up – I remember when my dad traded his old Escort in for an especially lurid peppermint green one it must have been the mid 1970s. Poor Dad is colour blind and thought it was very stylish but alas the rest of the family thought it was hideous. We had it for many years though and everyone could see us coming a mile off!


  9. Brilliant post, totally cheered me up on a very cold wet Sunday morning!


  10. Your description about locating an older property in Portugal – set off a back road with a hard to find entrance – still holds true today in rural parts of Portugal. GPS may get you there but the knowing that you’ve arrived is the hard part! Anit


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  12. I believed I was in a very small minority so generally I keep quiet about the fact that the Algarve is one of the few places I’ve travelled to that I didn’t much like. Too false, too pristine, too contrived. We did manage to find some “proper” villages but I didn’t take to the manufactured, manicured resorts in the slightest. So I concur with your comments about Vilamoura.


  13. I’m looking forward to further adventures from this particular destination … and car.


  14. I trust you found the beer, the car got home, and a good time was had by all? Fun tale, Andrew. –Curt


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