Road Trip – Armação de Pera, a Crate of Beer and Bread Rationing

“We waded out at the edge of the sea to a fishing village and it was so lovely we promised to go back and stay. When I did go there, ten years later it was unrecognisable.  Only the name remained of what was once so exquisite”  Patrice Chaplin – ‘Albany Park’

Actually we didn’t need a great deal, the two main items on our shopping list were beer and bread, in that order!  We found the beer and quickly calculated how much we would need for three days and set about assembling the purchase at the counter.  The shop keeper seemed a bit agitated by this but all she was trying to make us understand was that she would rather like the bottles back when we had finished with them because there was a deposit on them.

And then we turned to bread and spotted it on a shelf behind the old lady and by pointing and shouting, in the way that we do when we can’t understand each other, we drew her attention to it and asked for twenty mini-loaves.  Now she was alarmed because this was only a small community and this would have cleaned out the entire days supply for the village and we had to seriously negotiate with her to get her to release only about half of our requested quantity.

Portugal Doors 1

Back at the villa it was really quite warm in the early afternoon sun and this meant that we could sample the Portuguese beer while sitting around the pool and on the sun terrace on the top of the building.  Three of us were content to sit and do very little but Richard, who is by nature a hopeless fidget, quickly got bored and soon disappeared to carry out a more thorough inspection of the car.  He was gone for quite some time and first of all he gave it a good bonnet to boot clean, which seemed to cheer it up considerably and it began to look a great deal happier!

It wasn’t all good news however because Richard advised that a quick mechanical check had revealed that one of the headlights didn’t work and there was no heater because the pipes had been disconnected and sealed off with a bit of wood, which wasn’t a repair process that you would find in a Haynes do-it-yourself workshop manual but nevertheless appeared to be relatively effective.  At this point things didn’t look good for the journey home and we wondered how difficult it would be to get a flight back instead.

With the car all bright and shiny we all agreed that we should now give it a test drive and make a first trip down to the nearby beach resort of Armação de Pera, about five kilometres away.

It took us only about ten minutes to reach the town that not very long ago was nothing more than a collection of small shacks where the local residents from the nearby village of Pera used to maintain their fishing boats.  This was probably a place where men used to gather at the end of the day, and have a bit of a laugh and a beer or two before going home for evening meal.  But sadly that was in the past because the adjacent five kilometer sandy beach had turned this into a full-on summer resort, which in my opinion had probably spoilt it forever.

Not that there was a great deal going on today however and after a quick inspection of the empty beach we all agreed that we should find a bar for another beer.  We found a traditional sort of place that had an extensive selection of port wines ranging from just a few Escudos a glass to quite a lot of Escudos a glass and because we didn’t understand the hierarchy or the complexities of Port Wine  we just settled for a beer instead.

Portugal Fishing

By late afternoon we decided we should go back to the villa so with Richard driving (because, on account of the fact that he was responsible for the car, hadn’t had any beer) we tried to find our way out of the town.  This wasn’t as easy as it sounds and being unfamiliar with driving on the other side of the road he managed to knock over a parked motorcycle and then almost wipe out a couple of pedestrians for good measure.  Once out of the town the remainder of the journey was thankfully uneventful.

We had some more beer of course and then realised that none of us was fit to drive again so we couldn’t go back out and agreed that it would have to be an evening at the villa.

After the sun went down it became rather chilly so we gathered up some twigs and branches for firewood and lit a fire in the lounge and spent the evening eating bread rolls with cheese and drinking beer.  In fact we drank rather more beer than we intended to and by the end of the evening the supply that we had bought for the three days was completely gone!

Portugal Tiles Postcard

21 responses to “Road Trip – Armação de Pera, a Crate of Beer and Bread Rationing

  1. Looks like a wonderful place!


  2. It looks great. Andrew, is the sand actually a pink colour or it it just my laptop?


    • After 30 years I think the photograph has faded! We used to have a film called Bonusprint, you sent a roll of film off for developing and they sent you a free one in return. It was cheap and after a few years it became obvious why!


  3. In Portugal during my odyssey I drank my share of the local vino tinto. It was tasty and incredibly strong. Evenings were hazy.


    • I am rather fond of port wine now, more so than then!

      Liked by 1 person

      • We love port. What’s your perspective on the Brexit?


      • A political shock wave that will be celebrated forever as a triumph of democracy. As to what happens next I predict that we will delay triggering Article 50 while Europe gets over the shock. After six moths or so it will offer reforms and concessions, we will have a second referendum and vote to stay in.
        What do you think?

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      • I’m for country sovereignty and applaud the Brexit. I think the E.U. and the United States of Europe is premature. A U.S.E would never be similar to the U.S.A. Bring back country border crossings if necessary but people have a right to security. Also, my non-economic mind cannot imagine anyone not wanting to trade with England.


      • I voted out as well! I am shocked at how venomous the reaction of the remainers has been!


  4. Ha ha. Sounds a relaxing place. Can’t wait to hear where you located your next beer supply. 😀


  5. The good old days, Andrew. 🙂 It’s one of my least favourite places in the Algarve these days. Dingy high rise 😦

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Basically, you can never have too much beer!


  7. Sounds like a brilliant start to a great holiday.


  8. Am enjoying this series! Now onto the next episode!


  9. You do sound like a load of disreputable students!


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