Ireland – Signs of the Times

No Grave digging signTourist Office Sign SchullSchull Closed Staff Rest

You will probably have to open this one & enlarge it to see the sign content….

Funeral Samaritans StopIreland Shit Ice Cream

16 responses to “Ireland – Signs of the Times

  1. Glad to have the warning on the grave digging. I was planning to try that on the weekend but now I think maybe I will go hiking instead. ( killing myself laughing…pun intended)

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  2. Always a source of innocent merriment.


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  4. The grave digging sign is something else! As you say, the Irish do innocent merriment well


  5. I love the photos with the wonderful unintentional humour. You didnt include the sign we saw on Cobh Station platform saying ‘Exhibition Behind You’ -perhaps you were standing behind me!


  6. I couldn’t resist going on the Cork County site and looking up grave diggers, Andrew. There is a detailed three page application want-to-be grave diggers have to fill out. Among the things I notes were that you were not to work “lone,” which I understood. Ghosts can be scary. Also you needed “ear defenders” and appropriate “immunizations.” I think the ear defenders should be big burly guys. –Curt


  7. Awww what a great post ❤ i love this.


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