North Yorkshire – Postcards

Yorkshire PostcardMiddleham PostcardYorkshire AbbeysLeyburn postcardAysgarth YorkshireFountains Abbey Monks

43 responses to “North Yorkshire – Postcards

  1. Now you got me in the mood to watch Dalziel & Pascoe series again 😀


  2. Do you always manage to find shops with old stock? They all look like postcards from my childhood.


  3. The Yorkshire abbeys intrigued me – Rievaulx and Fountains are pictured – where else?


  4. Is that the Opening Ceremony of the Monk Olympics?


  5. i love these, andrew –


  6. I love your postcard collection, Andrew 🙂 Roughly how many? I have a shoebox full too. Have to dig em out one day!


  7. You know i love a goo quiz as discussed above. I haven’t done that for awhile myself.
    Oh and a miracle has occurred Andrew. I’m in the Reader today. Be still my beating heart. Thanks again for your help along the way.

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  8. Peggy and I can never resist going through old post cards, either. What is it about us? 🙂 –Curt


  9. I love these old postcards, Andrew. There’s something much more charming about the older ones. The modern ones somehow strip away the character of the place.


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  11. One of the monks appears envious of the other group’s uniforms.


  12. I’m still fascinated by the monks. I hadn’t noticed that it was, presumably, painted on different pieces of wood.


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