North Yorkshire – More Postcards

Hawes Postcard YorkshireBolton Castle PostcardYorkshire Cow NapkinFountains Abbey PostcardFountains Abbey Interior

19 responses to “North Yorkshire – More Postcards

  1. The cow is my favorite, but you might guess that, Andrew. Peggy recognized the last postcard from her tour a year ago. –Curt


  2. I like the archway structure at the bottom. I presume they are some kind of cloister?


  3. The last one reminds me of Ken Follett’s Pillars of the Earth just after the cathedral roof caved in 🙂 when they actually succeeded in building arches – amazing stuff given the time this was built


  4. I’m crazy for sheep so my eyes barely left that lead one. Adorable! The lighting in the archways is beautiful.


  5. Ah, I spot Fountains, and it’s Undercroft…love it. Alas, whenever I have visited, it has ALWAYS been dull…..bang has gone my dream of light through the Undercroft…. 😟


  6. Fountains has such a lovely setting, hasn’t it? 🙂


  7. Some more great postcards, Andrew! I’m really enjoying these (and, as you may notice, I am getting caught up after not having a chance to read blogs all week!).


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