Greek Islands, More Doors of Amorgos

Amorgos Door 05Greek Door AmorgosAmorgos Door 06Amorgos Door 04


11 responses to “Greek Islands, More Doors of Amorgos

  1. Some of them look like a good gust of wind would send them flying. Love the colours and thinking about how many people have passed through them over the years.

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  2. I’m glad my Spanish doors look a bit better than that.
    So, what do you think to the result?


    • Interesting. Might be positive for UK. Stock Market already rallied. Bad for Europe probably. Good victory speech I thought, was it the same obnoxious man? Got to hand it to him, although he ran a nasty campaign he was very clever. Be interesting to see a successful businessman as President instead of a professional politician.
      My early reaction is another punch on the nose for the political elite and I can’t say I am sorry to see the Clinton dynasty deposed. Be interesting to see if senior Republicans who disowned him now return to serve?
      There is some shit to clear up that’s for sure just like the fifth labour of Hercules!
      I guess we will have to just wait and see.
      What is your reaction?


      • Not heard his speech. I agree that everything I have seen of him to date is obnoxious. I suppose America is a business so not entirely inappropriate. But politics and the public sector can’t be run entirely on business lines. Viz the destruction wreaked by dear Margaret.
        I also agree that just as with the UK, people underestimate the dissatisfaction of the ordinary person with the political ruling classes. However, I’m not sure what Trump will do for the poor, hispanics, blacks, and his core vote of blue collar workers.
        What’s done and all that, so yeah, wait and see. There was a fairly rude piece in the Guardian today 😀 I’m guessing everyone had two stories drafted (or should have) so they could tweak and then slot it in asap.


  3. I love the colors but can’t help wanting to take some sandpaper to those doors. o_O


  4. Loving that lion door knocker!


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