Greek Islands, Old Doors of Syros

Syros Mansion WindowsSyros delapedated windowsSyros Greece Old DoorSyros Greece Old Door

27 responses to “Greek Islands, Old Doors of Syros

  1. As always I wonder what happened behind those doors over the years. If they could tell their tales.

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  2. Photographers always like the run down with character – they are great photos but in a way sad that they are in this state


  3. Oh, wow! What beautiful decay!


  4. Love doors and windows! These are great!


  5. Great photos. I love old doors and windows.


  6. Like Sue, I always wonder what’s behind door, closed to those on the outside. I look at doors and windows like these and want to get out the sander, clean them up and paint them like new. I know they’re rundown due to shortage of money. Still, I want to fix them. Interesting photos, though, Andrew.


  7. I just love these old doors and windows, so beautiful!


  8. I should trade you some Portuguese ones. I like these 🙂


  9. These weather beaten doors are what give a place character and intrigue. Thanks for sharing! 🙂


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