Malta, A Walk Around Mellieha and Beach Bartering

Street Art Mellieha MaltaMalta Boat MelliehaMalta Mellieha StatueMalta Statue MelliehaMellieha Malta Balcony

One day we took a walk around Mellieha and on the way back to the hotel stopped at a beach bar for a break.  A Looky-Looky man approached and showed us the rubbish that he was hoping to sell.  I would never buy from a Looky-Looky man and I told him to go away.  He packed up and moved on but my five year old granddaughter called him back.

Sardinia Beach Trader

Sensing a sale he started all over again, she liked a carved elephant and he said it was five euro. my reaction was ‘no way‘, my daughter said ‘offer him four’, Patsy thought about this for a while and then looked him directly in the eye and said ‘Three’.  I choked on my beer, Sally almost fell off her chair, the Looky-Looky man just laughed and agreed the deal!

The next time I go to Morocco and go shopping in the Souks or go to buy a new car I am taking my granddaughter with me to do the negotiating…



17 responses to “Malta, A Walk Around Mellieha and Beach Bartering

  1. Smart as well as beautiful.


  2. How could the Looky-Looky man have resisted that face?


  3. I agree she looks hard to resist Andrew. I love that you dubbed him the Looky Looky man!


  4. The speed things are moving at, your grand-daughter may yet get her chance in the Brexit talks.


  5. Smart kid.


  6. Love your granddaughter. S.m.a.r.t. girl. 😀 😛 😛


  7. I wanna go to Malta. Now. Pleeease! And guess who looks like grandpa?


  8. I LOVE this post Andrew! Isn’t she something? Well who could resist that adorable face. Smart little girl you have on your hands.


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