Malta, Washing Lines

Italy washing LineMalta Washing Lines 2Malta Washing Lines 1


21 responses to “Malta, Washing Lines

  1. Like you I love taking photos of laundry. Just not my own. 🙂

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  2. Could be any Mediterranean country!

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  3. Be careful to choose the appropriate washing line. Don’t get arrested.


  4. We just got back from our Malta trip last night and we definitely noticed a lot of colorful wash lines. What a beautiful country!

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  5. A favourite of mine…I love clotheslines. Nice series. (Suzanne)

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  6. M’lady washes jeans inside out. Some things are international.

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  7. Drying clothes outside is a lost art in this country, Andrew. I miss the fresh smell. When overseas, my camera is amused to check out what people wear! The more colorful, the better. –Curt

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  8. Laundry is inescapable, isn’t it? Everyone has to share it.

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  9. Great work. Keep up your talent and ventures.


  10. Awesome photos! Love it!


  11. It’s like here, in Brazil.


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