Travels in Spain, Windmills

Spain WindmillConsuegra Windmills SpainDon Quixote Alcala de Henares

23 responses to “Travels in Spain, Windmills

  1. Hey, some great captures there


  2. I was just about to say “Did you see a nutty old bloke attacking them?” and then I got to the last picture!


  3. Windmills at tilting.

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  4. Nice. I was in Greece last summer and the windmills were brown. I like the white Spanish windmills you’ve shown here, Andrew. Thank you for sharing.


  5. Lots of windmills in a row. I believe I like the white ones. Nice selection, Andrew. Thanks for sharing. 🙂


  6. I find windmills to be fascinating subjects, much the same as I find lighthouses.


  7. Pristine, aren’t they? 🙂


  8. Marvelous images! Have to agree with lulu, there’s just something about lighthouses and windmills!


  9. I love photos of windmills and yours are no exception. not a single one in my photo archives. I think that shall have to change.


    • You will need to go to Spain or maybe Holland. We have a lot of windmills in Lincolnshire. A lot of the land is below sea level and they were once used to drive the drainage pumps. Redundant now of course and a lot of them are converted to domestic dwellings!


  10. Stunning photos Andrew!


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