Travels in Spain, Doors of Guardamar

Guardamar Fisherman's House Door 1Green Door Guardamar SpainDoor Guardamar Spain Alicante

16 responses to “Travels in Spain, Doors of Guardamar

  1. The green door and window shutters shocked my eyes!


  2. 😀 The first one is interesting; the second is a slap in the face and the third one sooooo narrow. Huh. All different. To each his own. 😀 😛


  3. Such great pictures! Have a good day!


  4. I’m getting my sunglasses now. 🙂


  5. The people with the green door must have been blind when they painted that and if not then they definitely are now. They’re all very pretty though!


  6. Love the tiles on the porch of the first one…in spite of its playful colour the second one is quite elegant with the transom and framing.


  7. They look so nice 🙂


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