Travels In Spain, Northern Spain in Postcards

galiciaAsturias Postcardcantabriabasque-country-postcard


13 responses to “Travels In Spain, Northern Spain in Postcards

  1. I need to see more of northern Spain. Have done a lot of the middle and the south, but not much in the north.


  2. I’d love to here what the football crowd at Gijon shout. Presumably, it’s ‘Hi-hon, hi-hon, hi-hon, hi-hon’ like an escaped ambulance?


  3. I always love your postcards and these ones don’t disappoint. I really must get back to Northern Spain one day but the trouble is as I get older mu bones demand sunshine and heat, so I drift southwards again. Thanks for reminding me of how lovely this part of Spain is.


  4. I’d like to see all of that, Andrew! You still thinking of doing part of the Santiago walk? 🙂


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