Hull, UK City of Culture – Postcards

“ … (Hull is) a city that is in the world, yet sufficiently on the edge of it to have a different resonance” – Philip Larkin

Hull - The Deep

4 responses to “Hull, UK City of Culture – Postcards

  1. I want the story of the SPURN which id obviously a lighthouse ship. And I could look it up on Google but I prefer your take on things.


    • A Lightship that was stationed in the North Sea at the entrance to the Humber Estuary. Retired now of course. No need for lighthouses with modern GPS navigation. The days of sextants and the compass are gone. In the UK there are no manned lighthouses around the coast, they still work but they are centrally computer controlled from somewhere way inland and safe from the sea!

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  2. My friend, Lisa, in Israel, shared another Hull post today. Have you been to Bempton Cliffs? An RSPB site, I believe 🙂


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