Northumberland, St Mary’s Lighthouse

“To me a lighthouse was meant to be lived in. It was part of working life. And ships passing, day or night, knew there was somebody there, looking at them.” – Dermot Cronin, the last Lighthouse keeper in United Kingdom

Since 1998 all of the UK Lighthouses are fully automated.

Poppies St Mary's Lighthouse Whitley BayCormorantat St Marys Lighthouse Whitley BayPost Delivery St Mary's Lighthouse NorthumberlandSt Mary's Lighthouse Whitley Bay 2



14 responses to “Northumberland, St Mary’s Lighthouse

  1. That little red car is being quite adventuresome! I’ve always thought of living in a lighthouse would be romantic somehow, but when you consider the reality of all those stairs and getting to the grocery store… not so much! 😉

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  2. Blimey! Postman Pat must know the area pretty well!


  3. Ah, lovely images, Andrew!


  4. Ha, nothings going to stop him from delivering those letters!


  5. So beautiful, I have read so many good books with lighthouses playing an important part. Lighthouses have a special feeling about them. Thanks 🙂


  6. all ………….. are fully automated. What a major loss for the romance of the sea and of shipping and of stories and of history.


  7. That was very nearly the last post!

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  8. Love it! 🙂 🙂 That opening photo is a beaut, and the postie made me smile.


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