Ireland, Postcards of the Towns Visited

Galway Ireland PostcardDonegal PostcardSligo Postcard


9 responses to “Ireland, Postcards of the Towns Visited

  1. i visited some of these places last year – your postcards bring back many happy memories )


  2. They look so lovely. Pity I have to cross the Atlantic to get there. Come to think of it, I swore I’d never cross the Mississippi River ever again, so that makes it twice as unlikely. Unless I headed East, but I don’t think so! 🙂


  3. Postcards are something that seem to get missed nowadays, what with various social media and email, but I find it’s still worth sending one or two to people. I think it shows you care a bit more.

    Aside from that, what is public transport like out in Western Ireland? Any thoughts? Some areas are quite remote.


  4. Have you been mainly to the west of I r eland, Andrew? Or have you been around Wicklow?


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