Only in Ireland

No Grave digging signRoundstone County Galway IrelandAngry Man Skelligs Viewpoint Kerry IrelandGalway Street EntertainmentIreland GuinessWestport Ireland Dancing and MusicVaughans Pub Kilfanora Father Ted


11 responses to “Only in Ireland

  1. Are the women in the next to last shot dancing or fighting? Looks like you might have been hexed in the 3rd one.


  2. It looks like you might have stumbled on a little piece of paradise there. Presumably the first sign is to discourage keen amateurs from digging their own graves when they think they are digging somebody else’s!


  3. Thanks for the heads up! I will remove my shovel from my suitcase before travelling to Ireland. Still, looks like a great time.


  4. I had quite hoped to do a bit of grave digging when in Ireland. Unpacking my shovel. 🙂


  5. Got a smile our of this one! I promise, I will do no voluntary grave digging!


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