France, Doors and Windows

France Vic-Sur-AisnerVic-Sur-Aines France PicardyFrance DoorDoor France PicardyVic Sur Aisne Picardy FranceDoor Detail Dinard Brittany France

21 responses to “France, Doors and Windows

  1. Love the dilapidated one!


  2. Very beautiful, each in its own way and she in hers.


  3. Love old doors and windows. You captured them well.


  4. I can always depend on you, Andrew, to provide my doors and windows ‘fix.’ The dilapidated door is my favorite. –Curt


  5. When I took school groups to France, I remember being told that shutters mean that burglary is virtually unknown there. It sounds reasonable but I’ve no stats to prove it.


  6. You could enlarge and frame any or all of these photos. They’re all lovely.


  7. The light blue door really is a curiosity- incredible lock! Wonder what the ‘coat of arms’ denotes, if anything?


  8. tradition of doors can also be so touching…i would have never realized without your post!!! thanks a lot


  9. Love the charm and character of these old doors and windows offset by the flowers 🙂


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