Malta 2017, Preview Pictures

Malta Mellihea

I went to Malta last month, here are some post preview pictures…

Malta Sunset

22 responses to “Malta 2017, Preview Pictures

  1. My goodness the skies look they are exploding with beauty.




  3. I love Malta. Can’t wait for more pictures.


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    pretty skies


  5. Amazing, brilliant sunset shots! Isn’t it wonderful when mother nature puts on a show like that?


  6. Just discovered my following your blog had “stopped”! Same with some others last month. Refollowed again! Off on a cruise next week stopping for a day at Valletta, plan on a simple walls walk and local lunch maybe. Any tips


    • It happens to me all the time, have to keep my eye on the follow list in case someone disappears unexpectedly.

      There is a great deal to do in Valletta in a short space of time. I recommend the north east end of Republic Street close to the fortress because this is where the local people live and eat. I would say visit St John’s co-cathedral, avoid Repblic Street near the bus station (south west end) because it is insanely busy there and there are too many boutique type shops (unless you like shopping of course). We always lunch at a scruffy little place just down from the Harbour Club where pavement tables overlook the harbour.

      I wish that I was going with you, where else will your cruise take you?

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  7. I went to Valencia earlier this year and I immediately slipped in to my top 5 favourite cities in Spain!


  8. Loved the last one with the castle in silhouette.


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