Portugal, Balconies

Furadouro BalconyBalcony PoemPorto Balcony 2Porto Balcony 1

12 responses to “Portugal, Balconies

  1. Everything looks so derelict; I think that I wouldn’t enjoy such places.


  2. I found Porto in serious disprepair when I was there last year. Interesting but in a way sad. The balcony doors here say something too.

    Andrew, are you still in Portugal? If so, see if you can get to Monsanto, up near the Spanish border. It’s the town with houses built into large granite boulders. Very much out of the way and no public transport, but worth the visit if you can afford it and have the time. It’s one of the 12 special historical towns in the country.


  3. The balconies are a bit run down, but I love these photos! I think a series of them blown up, matted and framed would be stunning.


  4. Andrew is this your poem? Really enjoyed it and the balcony photos that clearly have stories to tell.


  5. Love the delapidation. Great poem too!


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