Portugal, The Glazed Tile Museum Town of Ovar

Azulejo OvarFish Tile OvarOvar Azulejo Ceramic TileOvar Glazed Tile Museum Town


12 responses to “Portugal, The Glazed Tile Museum Town of Ovar

  1. What is it about blue and white that grabs the attention?


  2. Love those tiles in blue and white – eye catching indeed


  3. I was going to say something about the blue, seems everyone else is taken by it too. Is it something to do with their love of the blue skies they probably have quite a lot of in Portugal?


  4. So much art everywhere you look in Portugal in the form of these tiles. I appreciated your explanation in the comment above about the amount of blue. Definitely eye catching besides.


  5. Those tiles seem so unique and colorful, Andrew. Probably the most beautiful use of these tiles in the São Bento railway station in Porto. 😉


  6. They are certainly spectacular at São Bento and in so many other places too. Thanks for stopping by!


  7. I just love these tiles!! Would love to have a wall in my house covered in them!


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