Portugal, Doors

Portugal Doors 3Portugal Doors 2Portugal Doors 1

If you like the doors then you may be interested in some more from a post in July 2014…

Doors of Portugal

20 responses to “Portugal, Doors

  1. Darn doors, they can be so interesting.


  2. Blue door! And I really like the windows. –Curt


  3. Yup! . . . they are doors, alright.


  4. Wonder what’s behind the Green door!


  5. All those bolts on the feature photo Andrew! Were they trying to keep out dragons? If the door could tell its tales.


  6. Oh, love ’em! The more distressed the better, Andrew….


  7. Every door is something like a gate to another world.


  8. I really don’t have a thing about doors, and I think that this lot is as ugly a lot of doors as I’ve ever seen and I tremble to think what it is like beyond that green door 👿


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