Portugal, Porto People

Porto Street MusiciansWelcome to PortoSardinesPorto Balcony

13 responses to “Portugal, Porto People

  1. Do you get them to sign a release paper in order to use their photographs? I’m always unsure as to whether I can use them or not.


  2. You’re not only afraid of dogs, but elderly Portuguese women as well? 😀
    Love that first shot. The balloon adds a nice touch. They look like they’d fit right into that travel trailer I posted a while back.


  3. My fav was the old woman looking out the window. Wouldn’t have been surprised had it been her middle finger she was pointing. –Curt


  4. What a sweet little girl in that first picture, little girls with their daddy’s always gets me. I like daughters, Sons are mummy’s boys.
    I wasn’t!


  5. That first photo is fascinating Andrew. I am studying all of the objects. Is that a puppet in front of the little girl? Bananas in the suitcase? A gnome for good luck?


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