Portugal, Porto Washing Lines

Only Mad Dogs and Washing Lines Go Out in the Midday Sun…

Porto Washing on Balcony

The clothes now wave that hang upon

the tired old line that stretches from

a leaning pole to a rusted hook

left here now for folk to look.


Every garment pegged and spaced

each shirt and sheet carefully placed

along the line the socks will run

until they dry in the scorching sun.


Porto Washing

30 responses to “Portugal, Porto Washing Lines

  1. I adore photos of laundry.


  2. And poetry to go with it!


  3. Brilliant, just brilliant 🙂


  4. Fun and creative – excellent !


  5. For some reason, other peoples’ clothes dancing in the breeze make me smile. Love the poem, too!


    • Washing lines are so photogenic. In our apartment in Lisbon this year we had one of those outside the window washing lines with a system of pulleys to get washing in and out of a small window. I washed things for no other reason than to use it!


  6. Your poetry, or borrowed? I like it 🙂 🙂


  7. One of my favourite photo subjects too Andrew. Cant imagine my own laundry being photo worthy but my camera leaps to action when traveling and seeing others.


  8. Clothes lines are rare in America, having been replaced by driers. But I always like the smell of clothes dried outside. I am always amazed at the creative approach Europeans use to dry their clothes. Like you, Andrew, I can’t resist the urge to photograph the results. Nice poem, BTW. 🙂 –Curt


    • I may have mentioned this but in Lisbon our apartment had a clothes line with pulleys so that it was possible to load a full line from a small bathroom window. I was so excited I washed clothes just for the sake of it!
      I guess most people in the UK will hang washing outside to dry whenever they can.


  9. Not exactly the Siegfried Line .
    Seems to be something missing;
    Do these people wear underpants? 😈


  10. When did you start submitting poems? It was very good. I liked it.


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