Portugal, Recommendations

As a general rule I am happy to recommend anywhere in Portugal – not this public bench in Tomar however…


27 responses to “Portugal, Recommendations

  1. Looks like someone had a proper sneezing fit.

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  2. I couldn’t recommend many around here. Your bum would freeze 🙂 🙂


  3. We will avoid that bench when we go to Portugal.

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  4. Another LOL, from the land down under.

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  5. You have never tried to sit down in the Bird Sanctuary on the Farne Islands, have you? Just walking around can leave you looking like that Portuguese bench, let alone sitting down.

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  6. Ah, Andrew, you have me laughing. Thank you! –Curt


  7. You were brought to mind yesterday evening, I was watching a cooking show on TV filmed in Portugal.

    An Australian female foodie is going around the world bringing us these programs.
    Having an interest in cooking above the norm I’m inclined to watch these programs (I don’t watch those masterchef type)
    The food was fascinating, the preparation and cooking was a joy and I thought of you and was envious of what you must be enjoying by way of tucker,
    I’d have gladly sat upon that seat and eaten all of it had I still had a stomach

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  8. Andrew, excuse the ignorance but sometimes when we look at Europe from this far away, we tend to lump Spain and Portugal together. So what are the major differences or do you need to write a series?

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  9. What? It looks so inviting!


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