Portugal, Postcards

Portugal Tiles PostcardVila do Conde PostcardPORTUGAL lisbon 2014-04-30 001Coimbra PostcardFatima Portugal

If you like postcards of Portugal here are some more from the Algarve

12 responses to “Portugal, Postcards

  1. Top one’s my favourite, Andrew, and I really must make it up to Coimbra next year. While my legs can still handle all those steps. 🙂 🙂 Enjoy Spain- whichever bit 🙂 – and wishing you and Kim continued good health and happiness iin 2018.


  2. World’s No 1 ceramics fans !!


  3. The on on the top is really something.


  4. Very good! Love those tiles in the first one


  5. All lovely, but the tiles are gorgeous!


  6. That ship on the second card reminds me very much of the Dutch ships that ventured to the Dutch East Indies few years back; (4 or 5 hundred few). Similar to the ‘Halve Maen’ which is in NY State which is a replica of those cheap and cheerful ships that the Dutch threw together back then.


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