Foreign Currency

The euro is useful because it has simplified travel to Europe but I miss the old pre-euro currencies. To have a wallet full of romantic and exciting sounding notes made you feel like a true international traveller. I liked the French franc and the Spanish peseta and the Greek drachma of course but my absolute favourite was the Italian lira simply because you just got so many.

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13 responses to “Treasure

  1. Happy New Year🌸✨


  2. So, you come by your love of travel honestly?

    My mom (mum, to you) left me a bit of foreign currency from the times she traveled. I think some of the loveliest paper currency I’ve seen was from Latvia in the pre-Soviet days. Granted I haven’t seen anywhere near as much as you have in foreign monetary exchange.
    Happy 2018! (If we say it often enough, it has to be so!) 😀


  3. The lira was a hoot….millions for tuppence!


  4. And Happy New Year to you!


  5. Happy New Year! So true about the Lira. I remember the first time I went to Italy and paid 79,000 lira for dinner. I agree about the Swiss Franc. I was just in Zermatt and the bills are so vividly colored.


  6. who knew money could be so pretty ? happy new year )


  7. Getting change back in Italy felt like winning the lottery.

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