My Holidays in Malta, Mgarr in Gozo


“Gozo remained an utterly private place and lucky the man who could find the key, turn the lock and vanish inside.”  – Nicholas Monserrat

Mgarr Gozo

This was the port of Mgarr in 1997 when I first visited…

Mgarr 1991

16 responses to “My Holidays in Malta, Mgarr in Gozo

  1. Love the mix of bright, primary colors they often use!


  2. I presume it doesn’t look like that now!!


  3. Great post! Would love to visit there!
    Check my travel blog


  4. I was particularly happy with the old photo of the harbour, the Luzzu boats look so lovely, they are still there but less so and they are dwarfed by the many pleasure yachts. But I still see them go out fishing every day and it is still very picturesque to see. Overcast here today but it has been a great winter here so far.


  5. That picture of the port of Mgarr is stunning! It could be a post card.


  6. You inspired me to go and check out the Google photos of Gozo, Andrew. I was impressed! One more reason to head for the Malta area. –Curt


  7. Mgarr didn’t change much since 1997 (well, until I last saw it in 2013) … maybe less of the smaller boats, but the background looks as I remember it. That’s probably why I love Gozo!


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