Public Services and the Private Sector (Part 1)

Bin Men

There is a lot of debate right now in the UK about who should best be trusted to provide public services, should it be provided directly or should it be contracted out to the Private Sector.  The Private Sector are the people who win Government contracts with exaggerated promises and then squabble about providing the services that they have promised and keep making menacing threats for more money.

Just this month a major Private Sector company called Carillion who enjoyed a lot of public sector contracts went bust and left the country and the tax payer in the lurch.

I feel well qualified to speak out on this matter because for ten years between 1990 and 2000 I had the misfortune to be employed in a privatised service in waste management.

This is how it all began…

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20 responses to “Public Services and the Private Sector (Part 1)

  1. How very depressing! I used to have a grudging admiration for Thatcher but now I find it very hard to even listen to a politician.


  2. Being a paid up card carrying member of the Australian Labor Party and a socialist ………………………..
    need I add my thought?


  3. And the battle rages on… and on. A private paramilitary group wanted Trump to hire them to take over duties in Afghan at the beginning of his presidency, but cooler heads prevailed. –Curt


  4. Has there ever been a case when services have improved after a public service has been privatized? I don’t think it ever ends well.


  5. In Victoria we used to have State Electricity Commission. It was privatised and there are now a multitude of providers. Each one has its own bureaucracy and they compete with each other to rip the user off whilst they make profits for the almighty ‘shareholder’. Back then we all complained about the sluggish bureaucracies but we we rather proud that the trains and trams and rubbish collectors all belonged to us.


  6. It was the preferred supplier thing that used to get to me. I needed some video cassette tapes (remember those?) for a university project I was running, and was told they had to come from the preferred supplier through central purchasing at a cost of something like £9 each. I think we needed about 50 tapes. Well at that price I wouldn’t have had much of a budget left for the other things we needed, so I went out to the high street and bought a load at six for £5 – less than 15% of the preferred supplier price. I had to buy them myself (petty cash by then having been regulated away) and somehow managed to fiddle it back on expenses.


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