Public Services and the Private Sector (Part 2) – How Private Sector Win Government Contracts

In the 1980s and 1990s because Margaret Thatcher thought that the private sector was, by definition, much more competent and efficient in these matters than the public sector, local authorities were required to offer certain services for open competition.

Margaret Thatcher was a horrible divisive politician who drove a wedge in British society, she destroyed the engineering heritage and the manufacturing economy that was based on hard work and sweat and replaced it with a service sector economy based on lies and greed.  If it wasn’t for Tony Blair she would surely be remembered as the worst Prime Minister of the Twentieth Century!

This is my second post about Private v Public Sector and it is where I explain why Private Sector companies are so successful in winning Government contracts…

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10 responses to “Public Services and the Private Sector (Part 2) – How Private Sector Win Government Contracts

  1. My biggest gripe is when the US switched medical care and other essential services to for-profit. That went a long way toward ruining our medical system and the cost skyrocketed. Crazy government! Health care in the states still costs more than anywhere else, but provides some pretty poor outcomes.


  2. You share my mantra I think – it’s “I blame Mrs Thatcher”. Works for most things. I refuse to glorify her with Lady or Baroness or whatever it was. I remember exactly where I was when I heard she’d resigned, and ditto when she died.


  3. Thatcher had as much brain and sense as Reagan, they lived in a La La Land of big money and big business will look after the not so fortunate if you gave them big tax breaks. Blind ignorant fools both!

    A Government was not elected to look after the people who voted for and put them there ; their sole purpose was to make sure that the parasites got enough financial breaks to do what they, the elected ones, were supposed to do, and take the pressure off of them.

    and now lets all join in a rousing chorus of “Comrades”

    “Comrades, comrades ever since we were boys.
    Sharing each other’s sorrows, sharing each other’s joys;
    Comrades when manhood was dawning, faithful whate’er might betide,
    When danger threatened, my darling old comrade was there by my side.”

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