Doors of Malta

Malta Doors 2Mdina DoorMalta Phone BoxVictoria Rabat Door


20 responses to “Doors of Malta

  1. yay for the doors, i love interesting doors!


  2. Beautiful pics 🙂


  3. I love doors, and these are beautiful–so much character!


  4. The doors are wonderful, but I especially like the phone booth! It’s a classic.


  5. Over all the years I have followed you I think that you have some favourites.
    1. Malta, 2 Spain, 3. you have to help me from here.
    I think Malta is my favourite of all your posts. the boats, the doors, the windows. and then the Portuguese tiles.


    • Malta is so vibrant, it is a little gem. I asked my grandchildren where we should go on holiday this year, there was very little debate – MALTA!
      We are going to Italy, to Naples in April and then to Milan and a train vacation through the centre in September. I am hoping for pizza, ice cream and doors!

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  6. Looks like someone pinched one. Shouldn’t be too hard to find so long as they use it as a front door……………….


  7. Gorgeous! I love it when you do these posts. Makes me want to walk through all the doors!


  8. Always one of my favorite posts when you do your doors, Andrew. I’ll go for the red one on top as my favorite. –Curt


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