Entrance Tickets, The Budapest Parliament Building

Budapest parliament (1)

The five of us debated entrance to the Parliament building.  Even with half price entrance fees (2,000 Florints) for citizens of the European Union there wasn’t a great deal of enthusiasm to visit the interior and after a show of hands it was only Sue and I that paid up and waited in line to go inside while the others made their various ways back to the Hotel Gellért.

The forty minute tour took us up wide open staircases, through elaborately decorated corridors, magnificently appointed state rooms and into the debating chambers but the highlight was the central dome (ninety-six metres high, remember) and in pride of place the fabulous crown of Saint Stephen.

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12 responses to “Entrance Tickets, The Budapest Parliament Building

  1. lifeinkarolingston

    Definitely place on my travel list!

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  2. The Elgin Marbles have no chance, do they, Andrew? 🙂 🙂

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  3. I’m off to look up the Elgin marbles now… 😀


    • Let me know your opinion on ownership?


      • I have a hard time diving into ownership issues like this. There has been so much of this sort of “theft” throughout the ages. More than ownership, my concerns are preservation. I think of all the artwork that was stolen by the Nazis, but on the plus side it seems as though much of it could have been blown up in all the bombing if Hitler’s gang hadn’t hidden it away. Here in the US there’s issues of Native American artefacts being vandalized. If I have any opinion on ownership it might be that these things are best kept where they will be preserved and made available to the public… wherever that might be. But this isn’t always a perfect world in that respect.


  4. I need to look up the Elgin marbles now, too. Thanks for piquing my interest about something new!


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