The Royal Garden Party

Buckingham Palace Garden Party Invitation

This is my story of the day that I went to Buckingham Palace to visit the Queen.  I first posted it in June 2009 and since then it has become my second most visited blog with almost 21,000 visits.

I have got a different following circle now so I thought it worth posting a link to the story just in case any one is interested…

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10 responses to “The Royal Garden Party

  1. So, what got you invited?

    Also, who took the photos of the food?


    • Just a stroke of good fortune. Every year local authorities get to make nominations. I worked for a District Council and was lucky enough to get the invite that year.

      Cameras aren’t allowed and there are lots of officials around to make sure so I had to find that picture on the net.


  2. I attended a garden party in 2002. We were invited because my (soon to be ex-)husband was a Naval Officer taking a course with the British Army. It was quite an experience.


  3. Still a great story! Once in a lifetime experience.


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