Spain, Doors and Windows

Spain DoorsShuttered Window Spain

23 responses to “Spain, Doors and Windows

  1. Nicely done, Andrew!


  2. A definite feature of all Spanish towns, a cultural issue maybe?


    • Culture? Climate? Heritage? Maybe a combination of factors but for me whatever it may be they are irresistible when I have my camera in hand.

      How is Malaga?

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      • At the moment it’s wet and cloudy, yesterday cloudy but warm. Visited the CAC yesterday and had a superb Zarzuela lunch before slowly tasting a very wide variety of wines at El Pimpi watching the Alcazar swirl into an alcoholic mist! Today, Pompidou Centre and seafront walk, lunch, then Golden Tips tea shop.

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      • I like that seafront walk and all the seafood restaurants. Need to bag a lunch time spot early because it is Sunday!

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      • Yes it’s family day down there. It was packed inland yesterday with restaurants very full. We might return to the same one as we missed a weekend special involving a free bottle of wine we didn’t spit till leaving!!

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  3. I don’t know why, but I love doors. These are lovely photos showing character and age as well as beauty.


  4. I love the Spanish doors and windows. I still can´t get used to them being all around me. Your pictures are great!


  5. I always like the doors, Andrew, but Peggy loves the windows, especially if she can see in and check out what’s happening inside! –Curt


  6. Would that modern Architects looked at History of Architecture a bit more. So many doors these days are bland and stark.


  7. You seem to have a thing about doors; I’m wondering; when you were a naughty little boy, did your mother lock you outside when you played up as punishment?
    If not; why not ?


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