International Women’s Day


Three fishers went sailing out into the West,
Out into the West as the sun went down;
Each thought on the woman who lov’d him the best;
And the children stood watching them out of the town;
For men must work, and women must weep,
And there’s little to earn, and many to keep,
Though the harbour bar be moaning.

Three wives sat up in the light-house tower,
And they trimm’d the lamps as the sun went down;
They look’d at the squall, and they look’d at the shower,
And the night wrack came rolling up ragged and brown!
But men must work, and women must weep,
Though storms be sudden, and waters deep,
And the harbour bar be moaning. – Charles Kingsley

I recently posted about the fisherwomen of Portugal and how they are celebrated and remembered in street art.

In case you missed it…

Portugal, Póvoa de Varzim and Fishing


For International Women’s Day I have featured one aspect of the life of a fisherwomen…


The long day waiting for the fishermen to return home safely…

Fishwife waitingBridlington Ganzee001

A tough job for sure!

13 responses to “International Women’s Day

  1. It’s hard to imagine the worry these women must have carried in their hearts. The basis of that Fado music you over so much. 🙂


  2. Sad to say that “days like this” often expose an awful lot of hypocrisy about women’s rights, the subjugation of women and rampant sexism because either it looks too much to the past or is driven by the celeb luvvies and feminist movements. I have seen and worked amongst female subjugation in Nepal for many years ….. arranged and forced marriages, an abhorrent dowry system, newly married women as servants in husbands/mother households, female genital mutilation, denial of education, unmarried mothers denied citizenship rights for self and child ….. the list is endless, but continues beyond Nepal and around the world. Yet the protests and focus are placed onto Donald Trumps misdemeanours or BBC presenters salaries!


    • Good point, several good points. I suppose we focus our attention on what is close to home and what we see rather than what we don’t.
      Personally I am tired of all the Suffragette hysteria and the media crusade to turn terrorists and criminals into heroines. It irritates me that we don’t give the same recognition to the Chartists of the mid nineteenth century because without them no one would have had the vote in 1918!

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      • Pleased we agree, wasn’t sure if I’d get a blast or not! Agree entirely about the suffragette nonsense. I have so many horrible stories from Nepal, personal incidents as well as general knowledge from family and friends. Always willing to discuss them with feminazis but of course they’re not interested if it’s not political or standard virtue signalling.

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      • I have been following the newspapers today (as everyday), sadly, International Women’s Day appears to have been hijacked by extremists. Until only recently it was a day of celebration now it is one of militancy and demonstrations and an opportunity for political activists who can pretty much do and say as they please under the cover of political correctness.

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      • They’re a minority, but like empty vessels make most noise and are worshipped by the media. But as Major Styles says on his blog, “we must stand up to them”

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  3. As a former military wife, I believe the waiting can be almost as difficult as the doing.


  4. I’m not into poetry, in fact there’s very little I know about it but I recall a poem from my school days 70 year ago but only with these lines that always come to mind when reading tales like this; (from The Three fishers)

    “For men must work, and women must weep,
    And the sooner it’s over, the sooner to sleep— “


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