Special Day, Special Man


March 27th is a very special day to me because in 1932 that was the day that my dad, Ivan Petcher was born.

He was the sort of man that you hope to be like when you grow up and then wish you had been like when you are old.

He is gone now but this is one of my stories about him…

Ivan Petcher

24 responses to “Special Day, Special Man

  1. Your dad was 1 day 1 year older than my brother, who died 2011, from prostate cancer. He was diagnosed with it at age 70 ; as was I, it killed him 7 years later. Your bro looks very like my bro did; I ,have a photo somewhere in similar stance.
    I was diagnosed with prostate cancer at 70 too; I took the risk of a new type operation (Brachytherapy) and the doc guaranteed me another 6 to 8 years, the guarantee ran out 4 years ago. I want my money back!.
    I must be old enough to be your dad.

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  2. Im not sure hope this takes you to the pic of my bro that I mentioned, he was 2 days shy of 18 when this was taken aboard the MV Cheshire” the migrant ship that brought us to Australia


  3. Lovely tribute, Andrew


  4. wonderful story and tribute, andrew –


  5. Your father was a good-looking young man with a kind face full of confidence. My Dad was born on March 31, 1924. I too remember him with fondness and try to be like him.


  6. A neat story, Andrew. Young love, for sure, and your dad was a handsome man. I was lucky that my father lived into his late 80s and I had the opportunity to learn about his youth. He was 39 before he met my mother, however. –Curt


    • I know a lot about my Dad because he left a treasure trove of photographs and note books. I think he had a wonderful childhood, grew up on a farm and had lots of adventures. If he could write a blog then it would be full of interesting memories. Sadly he died young after a long struggle with Parkinson’s Disease which spoilt the last few years of his life.


  7. What a lovely tribute to your father. Both he and your mom sound like wonderful people.


  8. Couldn’t leave a Like at the linked post, but I did get the sense of optimism coming out of the war and heading for a better life . . . As opposed to living a great life and seeing the world work toward making it shittier. But, I digress; nice posts.


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