Travels in Spain, Museums

Kim doesn’t always share my enthusiasm for Museums.  She sat this one out but from the garden outside caught me looking at the exhibits through a window.

17 responses to “Travels in Spain, Museums

  1. That pattern of dark hoops and pale hoops makes you look like an escaped convict!

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  2. Escaped convict, or not–it’s a cool photo.


  3. Quite artistic, Andrew. –Curt

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  4. Why would someone not like museums? Can’t understand that


  5. I think Kim and I are of similar mindset. Very cool photo that she captured.


    • Kim likes museums just not as much as I do!
      Nice to see you, I haven’t seen much of you on WP, what are you concentrating on now?
      Any travel plans?

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      • It’s been a wild start to 2018. We post once a week on Friday mornings. I’m showing up in Reader so hopefully you are seeing it. We were in SE Asia for the month of Jan, I was with my Mom the month of Feb helping her recover after hip surgery. Just back from 10 days in Mexico and Arizona. Leaving Tuesday for Las Vegas and tentatively a road trip to California in May, then to Alaska in June. Then home for the summer. How about you?


      • Naples in April, Granada in May, Barcelona in June, Italy in September with a rail journey holiday from Milan to Rimini and all stops in between. Enjoy your travels!

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      • Wow that is quite the itinerary! Thanks for the good wishes and to you as well.

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    • Can I seek your views please. The whole world of blogging intrigues me.

      Why do people stop following and commenting when previously there has been regular interaction? Is it boredom perhaps? Have they found something more interesting? Is it because they are too busy with their own lives and their own projects? How can you keep on-line relationships fresh?

      I ask you because you followed me for a long time and then stopped whilst I cannot help but notice that you continue to follow and comment elsewhere.

      I sometimes stop following and I wonder if it would be good manners to provide an explanation.

      Feedback and tips appreciated. It all helps.


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