Travels in Spain, Through The Keyhole

keylock2.jpgKeylock 1keylock-3.jpg

17 responses to “Travels in Spain, Through The Keyhole

  1. They’re almost faces on the bottom photograph. I see a demon, a lion, a grumpy old man…..

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  2. Oh, what marvellous weathered old doors….tales they could tell!

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  3. You’ve got me thinking …. what would come out if you put the camera lens up against the keyhole and took a photo really through the keyhole?

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  4. And, even if get arrested, I might try that too. Heck, you only live once.


  5. I think you should have a show of all your architectural photographs in some swanky gallery. Your doors, balconies and now keyholes are just spectacular!


  6. In a Spanish jail they’re likely to garotte you 😈
    Try as I might I couldn’t see a lion or a demon and me like jfw did, does that mean I’m also a dopey old man?


  7. Ols keyholes for old keys, I’m betting, Andrew. The red and blue is my fav. –Curt


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