France, Le Tricolore et La Fenêtre

At the top of the climb we went through the charming town of St Pons-de-Thomieres and as we sat in the mid morning traffic we drove past the Hôtel de Ville and in the courtyard there was a magnificent statue of Madame Liberty, the traditional female embodiment of the French Republic with her ample bosom unashamedly thrusting out and exposed to all.

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tricoloure window 2Tricolour window

21 responses to “France, Le Tricolore et La Fenêtre

  1. When the US and France postal authorities issued a joint international rate postal stamp featuring Madame Liberty commemorating 200 years of French-US friendship, the French issue showed a Madame Liberty with nipples proudly displayed.

    The US issue showed a topless Madame Liberty with no nipples on her ample breasts! LOL!

    Needless to say, perhaps, on a postage stamp, that detail was so small there was little chance the average person pasting the stamp on an envelope or package would even notice the detail or find it titillating if they did, but the US Postal Service apparently thought there was a chance its patrons couldn’t handle a couple tiny dots placed on her breasts!


  2. I’ve never had a problem with beautiful women unashamedly thrusting out their ample bosoms. Go for it, girl!

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  3. A yes our Marianne, she is everywhere and even call Giraldilla in some countries like in Havana and Sevilla , but the French are better at it . McDo well now over 3500 restos the most outside the USA a record, and burgers replacing ham and butter baguette sandwich as tops in France: there is a culinary revolution as for me prefer Burger King lol!!!

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  4. I may have asked you this before, but, have you made a map for us to see, of the places you have visited?

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  5. Fries??? Fries??? DON’T YOU MEAN CHIPS?
    The Good ol’ US of A,home to Stormy Daniels not showing a nipple on a postage stamp? Figures


  6. Yes, The Statue of Liberty could use a little less drapery, too, considering her French origins!


  7. It’s hard to believe the French love McDonalds so much.


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