France, The Medieval Walled Town of Dinan

Even as we arrived in Dinan I was thinking half an hour might be more than enough but I was forced to recalculate very quickly when we arrived in the old town which is a warren of narrow streets where it appears that time has stood completely still.

Dinan it turns out is one of the best preserved medieval walled towns not just in Brittany but in all of France.  After only a moment or so in this picturesque setting I had elevated it straight into my top ten of favourite places even leaping above Santillana del Mar in Spain, Shiltach in Germany and Hallstatt in Austria and before very long we were looking in the Estate Agent’s windows.

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32 responses to “France, The Medieval Walled Town of Dinan

  1. Looks amazing. Can’t wait to learn more

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  2. I’ve never been to Dinan but my favourite walled town in France is Aigues Morte, down in the Camargue. Had lots of holidays there with the kids, camping just outside, then B&B inside the walls. Originally a Crusader port fortress but the sea receded and it’s just surrounded by salt pans now full of flamingoes.

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  3. I’d love to see this corner of France! 🙂 🙂 Ah, well…


  4. yes indeed very nice town and the mansions of Dinard next to St Malo are good too. Well its Brittany or Breizh or Bretagne ::)


  5. Don’t think I’ve ever been to Dinan, in all mŷ wanderings in Franc…more fool me!


  6. The Monsoonfamily's Mum

    I still haven’t taken the time to go there!! Your pictures made me want to go ASAP!!

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  7. I can’t link to the full story?

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  8. Beautiful !! would love to visit this city.

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  9. These photos are breath taking! I’d love to visit to see it firsthand.

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  10. A stealth full story . . .


  11. For some reason can’t link to the full story? However the preview looks wonderful – visited Brittany years ago. We took the ferry across to Roscoff a bit further to the west. The whole area was delightful and definitely somewhere to go back to. The pictures are gorgeous!

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  12. How sweetly quaint. Wonderful that they’ve done such a great job of preserving this medieval walled town.

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