Naples, Postcards of Mount Vesuvius

Vesuvius Naples Italy

“…when the sun burst through the morning mists and fired this tinted magnificence, it topped imperial Vesuvius like a jeweled crown!” , Mark Twain – The Innocents Abroad

In 1976 I visited Sorrento in Italy.  The currency was the Lira and  the notes were so worthless (I seem to remember that the smallest denomination was 1,000) that it was normal practice for shops to give change in the form of a postcard.

One day I went to Mount Vesuvius and came back with these to add to my collection.

Vesuvius the craterVesuvius Postcard73-vesuvius-old-postacrd

My personal favourite…

Vesuvius Postcard

17 responses to “Naples, Postcards of Mount Vesuvius

  1. Did it require carrying your money in a suitcase?


  2. It’s a real regret that I didn’t make it up Vesuvius, Andrew. 😦 😦


  3. I was once into postcards, have from 76 countries over 4K of them. Then got into photography:blogging, and stop collecting a few years back. Still have the collection of old thus. As to volcanos I prefer the Teide in my Tenerife ::) Cheers


  4. My daughter said that the fumes were dreadful for her asthma. She rang me from the top and I shall never forget that moment…a real triumph for modern technology!


  5. You must have an amazing postcard collection. How I wish I’d kept all mine.


  6. Very impressive! In some of the photos it looks like something from a science fiction movie.


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