Naples, The Back Streets

Naples Backstreets 02

“To see Naples as we saw it in the early dawn from far up on the side of Vesuvius, is to see a picture of wonderful beauty. At that distance its dingy buildings looked white, rank on rank of balconies, windows and roofs, they piled themselves up from the blue ocean till the colossal castle of St. Elmo topped the grand white pyramid and gave the picture symmetry, emphasis and completeness

But do not go within the walls and look at it in detail. That takes away some of the romance of the thing.”

Mark Twain – The Innocents Abroad

Naples Backstreets 06Naples Backstreets 05

On this point I have to disagree with Mark Twain, the back streets are the romance of the thing!

Naples Backstreets 04


16 responses to “Naples, The Back Streets

  1. i always enjoy the back streets of a place –

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  2. Agreed. And so well photographed

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  3. Those back streets look entirely my kind of thing…..need to get to Naples!

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  4. We didn’t spend much time in Naples and I have to say we had been told a lot of negative things about it. Seems like it’s one of those places that one loves or detests?

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  5. “On this point I have to disagree with Mark Twain, the back streets are the romance of the thing!” And I have to agree with you, Andrew, even the forests of laundry! Not that the city is ugly from a distance. 🙂 –Curt


    • I know you like the open country Curt but even the ugly city has a certain urban charm. What now for Burning Man, I read the news this week?


      • Actually, I also like cities and love wandering around in them on foot. As for Burning Man, I don’t know. It has become something of an institution so I expect it will survive without Larry Harvey. I think this year will be interesting. I am going to miss it, however, since I will be out on my thousand mile trek. –Curt

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  6. That definitely looks worth a wander. I think Mark Twain is wrong too.


  7. I’d happily wander down any of those back streets–so much character!


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