Naples, Balconies

Naples Balcony 3

These balconies tell their own tale of Naples, creaking hinges on derelict doors lead only to outside storage, crumbling concrete and rusty rails. No flowers, the occasional weed, just a washing line and a cable. 

Naples Balcony 2Naples Balcony 1


18 responses to “Naples, Balconies

  1. Nice theme – well pictured


  2. I’m always amazed with balconies regarding the many electric cables protruding or meandering. In Malaga recently we had a thunderstorm one early morning and a hell of a bang and flash ….. it was some cables on a balcony across the narrow street from our bedroom. Took two men all day in pouring rain to repair.


  3. And these balconies equipped with baskets and rope to fetch the fruit from the street sellers? 🙂 my Naples all time favourite!


  4. I love seeing what catches someone’s eye when traveling.

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  5. maristravels

    Suitably broken down, as they should be!


  6. A bit more run down than some of the other series you’ve posted. Still, it’s definitely authentic!


  7. The derelict balconies have a certain beauty and they make for stunning photos.


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