Naples, Mount Vesuvius

From  literally anywhere in Naples Vesuvius stands threateningly close by, like a loaded gun pointed at the heart of the city…

Naples and Vesuvius

Even eggheads find it difficult to be absolutely precise about this but scientists think that Vesuvius formed about twenty-five thousand years ago and today the volcano is rated as one of the most dangerous in the world – not because of its size but because of the proximity of millions of people living close by and if it was to go off again with a similar eruption to the one that destroyed Pompeii in 79 A.D. then it is estimated that it could displace up to three million people who live in and around the city of Naples.

The volcano has a major eruption cycle of about two thousand years so the next eruption is dangerously imminent.

I visited the top of the Volcano in 1976.

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Vesuvius still smoking and active

17 responses to “Naples, Mount Vesuvius

  1. I remember this from before. Another great example of reposting a good article. Our Australian volcanoes are mostly just interesting hills dotting wide open plains.


  2. No volcanoes here, but I live in an earthquake zone with a tsunami threat thrown in for good measure. (Last one in my community was 1964.) Nature can be fierce!


  3. You haven’t changed a bit Andrew!


  4. Just for thrills we live with a tsunami threat on one side and volcanoes on the other. Things could get exciting I suppose.


  5. I remember wandering through Pompeii and staring up at Vesuvius, Andrew. It still looms ominously. –Curt


  6. and I think that potus needs to visit the top of that one in Hawai’i


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