Naples, The Roman City of Herculaneum (remastered)

Herculaneum 5

“You could hear the wails of women, the cries of children, the shouts of men… many raised there arms to the gods, others declared that the gods were no longer and this was their last night on earth”, Pliny the Younger in a letter to Tacitus

These are some of the pictures that I captured when visiting Herculaneum.  I have edited them a little and given them some colour because although I am no expert on these matters and I am mindful that I am doing an Arthur Evans here, my guess is that the walls and the mosaics were much more bright and vibrant two thousand years ago…

Herculaneum 4Herculaneum 3Herculaneum 2Herculaneum 1

18 responses to “Naples, The Roman City of Herculaneum (remastered)

  1. Nice. Remaster away.


  2. The sad thing is that most of our medieval cathedrals were brightly painted like that on the inside, but it was all removed, possibly by the Puritans. They must have been as striking a sight as these four photographs.


  3. What a brilliant idea to re-master frescoes and such like from the ancient world.


  4. Italy, it is one place we will hopefully wander around more next year. That’s for an informative post! Loved the comment regarding satellite dishes, they do ruin a photo of historic sites. They have the same effect as power lines!


  5. You did a great job editing the photos. They look amazing!


  6. Why dio I think that’s ugly and an eyesore? Am I missing something?


  7. Many of the mosaics are quite interesting, definitely worth taking a close look at. And I agree with you on the colors. –Curt


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