Naples, Blue Sky and Statues

Naples Statue 3

Like any great European City with a splendid history Naples has its fair share of public statues …

Naples Statue 5

Do you notice anything unusual?

Naples Statue 1Naples Statue 2

Not a single pigeon to spoil the picture!

Naples Staue 6


20 responses to “Naples, Blue Sky and Statues

  1. Hooray! 🙂 🙂

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  2. Always enjoy the statues too on our European visits, they seem to reflect the culture of their own towns and cities more than we do.. Their street names too; I can’t see any Mandela Streets, Obama Avenues or statues to such people in France, Spain or Italy. Budapest has some hilarious ones as well as historical, Rome is very “Roman” of course! Some neighbours of ours are returning from Naples today after 5 days, we’ve had texts of what a horrible place it is!


  3. I presume the last one can’t be Stalin’s dad?


  4. No pigeons? What’s the world coming to? Laughed a bit about the Stalin bit. Went searching but couldn’t find the statue. –Curt


  5. Look at that vivid blue sky! It’s the perfect back drop to the statues.


  6. Okay where are they? Have the Napoli (?) people rounded them up cooked and eaten them all? Bet they tasted good, one thing the Italians excel at Cooking, oh! the tonsorial art too 🙂


  7. Probably, they had covered the statues by something smelly.


  8. Who is the chap with the splendid moustache?


  9. Certainly looks like a Stalin-wanna-be, that last one!


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