Naples, Street Food and Football

Naples Panorama

We were rapidly running out of weekend now, the sands of an hour glass always run more rapidly towards the end, and there was so much more to see that it was decision time.

I still rather liked the idea of the underground ancient city tour but the sun was shining so we ruled that out and I would also have liked to visit the archaeological museum but the sun was shining so we ruled that out as well.

Instead we agreed to take a funicular ride to the highest point of the city and the Castel Saint’ Elmo which sits high above the city on a sort of volcanic ridge that rises quickly in the south from the bay and drops again just as dramatically to the north.  The result of a previous eruption of Vesuvius I concluded without any real evidence whatsoever to support this random geological theory.

As we emerged from the railway station there was a surprise because it was as though we were no longer in Naples at all because there was suddenly an incredible transformation.  There were parks and gardens, flower beds and trees, the air was clean, the streets were tidy and even the traffic seemed to have an almost surreal calmness.  It was almost as though we were suddenly in Switzerland and I immediately assumed that we were now in an affluent part of the city and we walked the short distance to the castle.

There has been a castle here for several hundred years but it has only recently been restored.  Not terribly sympathetically I have to say, there is a lot of concrete and cement but it does provide a pleasant walk around the old battlements and provides panoramic views across the whole of the City, Mount Vesuvius and the Bay of Naples.

I especially liked this view of the historic centre…

Naples Cheeseslicer

Except for an art gallery full of really weird stuff there was nothing much else to do at the castle so after less than an hour we made our way out back to the funicular and a ride back down to the decrepit streets and the graffiti scarred walls of the old town centre.

To be honest we found ourselves in probably the most disagreeable spot of the city that we had come across so far, Vespa scooters buzzing like wasps, beggars cluttering up the streets and corners decorated with litter.  We walked quicker than we normally do and were happy to shortly find ourselves back in familiar territory in the historical centre where we walked the few remaining streets that we hadn’t previously investigated.

Naples Street Art

We stopped now for some street food, first a portion of sea life, deep fried and served in a cardboard cone, tasty but ultimately disappointingly bulked up at the bottom with cheap dough balls and after that a deep fried risotto ball, the size of a grapefruit and as heavy as a cannonball so a good job we didn’t buy one each.

Street FoodNaples Street Food

We had walked a long way today and we were getting tired as we made our way back to our favourite street bar where we rested for an hour before returning to our accommodation.

The pizzeria that in just two nights had become our Neapolitan favourite was closed tonight so we had to make alternative arrangements and we had earlier decided upon a restaurant in the heart of the historic centre.

To get there we walked first along Via San Gregorio Armeno which is famous in Naples as the street of the crib shops, the ‘presepe’, and is an entire street dedicated to making and selling nativity scene decorations, a centuries old tradition in the city.  It seems that you first buy an empty village or a stable made of clay and cork and then chose and collect figures to add to it.  It was an interesting street full of individual designs and figures ancient and modern ranging from the Madonna and Child to the footballer Diego Maradonna who played for Napoli from 1984 to 1991 and still seems curiously popular in the city.  Not the sort of thing that I would want in my house I have to say!


Speaking of football the historic centre was noisy and busy tonight because Napoli were playing Juventus in an important game at the top of the Italian Seria A league; top (Juventus) v second (Napoli) and people were gathering in pizzerias and bars to watch the game.

The choice of restaurant proved to be satisfactory and we had an inevitable pizza and afterwards walked the streets looking for a gelataria for a final ice cream that we didn’t really need and whilst Kim chose hazlenut I had my all time favourite pistachio and we strolled back to the apartment.

As we walked I kept an eye on the football which seemed to be petering out to a disappointing goalless draw and back at the accommodation we had a final glass of wine and looked out over the street from our balcony.  Suddenly a mighty roar exploded from the city as though Vesuvius had spontaneously erupted and the reason was that Napoli had scored in the very final minute of the game and won the match.

For no other reason than I was in Naples I was pleased about that.  We had enjoyed our weekend in vivacious Naples which is a city that despite its various reputations gets my full recommendation.

Gulf of Naples Postcard

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41 responses to “Naples, Street Food and Football

  1. Maradona is a sort of Saint in Naples, right after Saint Gennaro, as two champioships were won when he played with Naples football club and they have missed it this year despite the glorious victory against Juventus you wrote about.

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  2. Naples, with all its grit, quickly stole into my heart. It was so much life, and I found the people, in the main, to be friendly and helpful.

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  3. Maradona won the Championship for Napoli…..eventually, as the story goes. They would have won it early on in his stay but Napoli would have been betting outsiders and the bookies would have lost lots of money paying out at long odds. The bookies, aka the mafia, put a stop to that, but gave Napoli the promise of the Championship the next season, which was duly delivered.


  4. Another good tour. What a shame that the street food was a con


  5. Juventus was my team when I lived in Italy. Well, I was 13 . . . I liked the colors better than those of any other team. I still have a photo of one of the teams from the 60s. I don’t know anything about it or who the players are, but since it was a gift from an uncle of mine, I still have it.

    . . . so now I’m sad the team lost that time when you were in Napoli.


  6. I remember wanting to go up to the castle but time didn’t allow. Story of my life sometimes 🙂 🙂


  7. That view of the historic part is amazing…a complete jumble of buildings! I have to see Naples before I die!


  8. That was a lovely literary and pictorial visit and now I want to see Naples as I never did before. I had no idea that there was much more to it than its proximity to Pompeii.


  9. That gorgeous view of the historic centre would make a fine jigsaw puzzle!


  10. Your reports on Naples have been very favourable. Must check it out some time. Are you having a good time in Granada?


  11. That road down the middle had me thinking it was two pictures lined up side by side. It took a closer look to see it was a road. Looks like they’ve used up every last little inch of space.


  12. Another great trip. I loved the risotto ball.


  13. Obviously the cook up that rubbish for the tourists and a quick buck/euro I’ll wager you didn’t see any Italians eating that stuff, unless like you, they were tourists


  14. I found this interesting. I’m off to naples in a few days. First time


  15. Your alluring description of Naples makes me want to visit it!! I feel its beauty is underappreciated.


  16. Lovely article! Got a feel of the place and the energy there!


  17. You detailed everything so beautifully that I felt as if I was on a conducted tour. I wish to see all these places one day. Right now my commitment to my 3 aging dogs hold me back from any overseas travel. Another 2 yrs maybe and I would be visiting these places. Got them noted for future. 😊 FIFA had gripped the football lovers and my house is also in it’s grip. I enjoy football more than cricket. Anyways enjoy your FIFA and would to have on my food blog. Thought i am a post also but my passion for coming got me to write a good blog 😋 Do chk it out if you have time. would love to have your views/inputs and suggestions on


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  19. Yum, pizza looks delicious!


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