Entrance Tickets, The Clock Tower in Rhodes

Rhodes Clock Tower

We walked through arches and buttresses, past turrets and balconies and occasionally here and there a little oasis of green amongst the dusty streets and then interesting narrow roads and every one with a surprise around each crooked turn.

In the late afternoon we walked to the top of the town and climbed to the top of the restored clock tower next to Sulliman’s Mosque for some good views of the town and the harbour. There was an entrance charge of €5 but that turned out to be good value because the price included a drink in the roof top bar terrace where we sat and enjoyed the views.

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Rhodes Old Town

8 responses to “Entrance Tickets, The Clock Tower in Rhodes

  1. That’s an old post! Never been, but I’d like to!


    • The problem with Rhodes is that it is an airport island so very touristy. It also gets the cruise shops which are a scourge. I prefer to visit the smaller, less visited islands.

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      • My neighbour by the way has just booked a 3 day trip to Krakow and I said I’d ask you for, say, top 3 places to see/visit/eat or drink in?


      • Auschwitz goes without saying. Salt mines are ok but nothing special. I alwAys recommend Crazy Mike’s communist tour. A half day in a Trabant and a visit to nearby Nowa Huta. It is a very good tour. Schindler’s factory and everything g in the Old Town. We liked the bars and restaurants in the Jewish Quarter. Good food but not at city centre prices. Cracked wine jugs!

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      • Ta very much, I’ll pass that on. I don’t think they’ll drink cocktails in ANY wine jug though!


      • The communist tour was featured on Michael Palin “New Europe”

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  2. Anything that includes a drink is good value in my book! 🙂


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