European Capital of Culture 2014, Riga


First of all today we reacquainted ourselves with the fabulous Art Nouveau buildings that were all quite close to our hotel.  There had been a lot of restoration activity since we were last here and the pace of regeneration to repair years of neglect was very impressive.

The buildings looked different this time bathed in soft winter sunshine with snow on the roofs and when we had done enough neck craning to peer upwards towards the statues and friezes we left this part of the city and walked once again through the spacious parks towards the city centre.

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8 responses to “European Capital of Culture 2014, Riga

  1. Ah, another one on my list!


  2. Have I commented in the right place?


  3. Ahhh… I’ve been wanting to get over to look at this since I spotted the title awhile back. Don’t know how you manage to do the daily postings, or keep up with other folks. Now to read on…. 😀


  4. Any of the Baltic states are so atmospheric in winter. Sounds like you had a lovely day.

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