Travels in Spain, Costa Blanca

My Costa Blanca

Back to Spain for my next sequence of posts. The Costa Blanca and a few days in Andalusia.

13 responses to “Travels in Spain, Costa Blanca

  1. Looking forward to it. Judging by the pictures embedded in the postcard, it’ll likely include beer! 😀


  2. I really don’t know Spain at all well… Must try and remedy that in the next few years, at which point I’ll know where to look for ideas.


  3. I can never decide if it’s Spain or Italy but Italy definitely has it for the food, Spain for the oh so different areas in the country. Could you one day do a post telling us how you manage to get the effects you do with your banner and the map plus images on this post? Would love to know.


    • Thanks. The banner is simply a scan, from a bit of detail on a postcard, in this case I just liked the font. The postcard takes a bit of time but is just created using the simple Paint feature in Microsoft where it is easy to cut and paste and to combine images.

      Spain or Italy is a tough decision. I like Italy but I think I go for Spain!


  4. I see you were in our area. Look forward to the posts.


    • That was a previous visit. We didn’t make it down your way this time. We went to Granada and nearby Guadix in Andalusia and then to Elche to see the Palm Forest and then to a Moroccan Tea Garden that my sister had found. Went to Guardamar but couldn’t swim in the sea because of the Jellyfish!


  5. Andalusia ? Isn’t that where those magnificent horse come from?


  6. Looking forward to your travels in sunny Spain.


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