Travels in Spain, Tiles of the Bullfight

Bullfight Tiles 2Bullfight Tiles 1Granada Matador


10 responses to “Travels in Spain, Tiles of the Bullfight

  1. . . . did they have one of a bullfighter being gored?


  2. Love these.


  3. I’d only go to a bullfight if they can guarantee me that the BULL will WIN!


  4. A so-called ‘sport’ I’ll never understand. But then again there aren’t a great many sports that give me a thrill, at least not the professional ones.


    • I am never sure how to describe bullfighting. I don’t think it is a sport in the sense of football (soccer) or baseball etc, more part of a cultural tradition. Hence the debate about whether or not it should be banned. It is banned in the Autonomous Community of Catalonia.

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